Slip & Fall Lawsuit Filed Involving Herniated Disc Injury

There are many types of accidents that can lead to a herniated disc (which is also called a ruptured disc, slipped disc, or herniated disk).  A recent lawsuit was filed with regard to a man’s accident in which he fell in Chicago.  In this accident he sustained various injuries including a slipped disc.

The lawsuit and accident are discussed in the Cook County Record article of September 6, 2013, titled “Police officer sues park district over slip and fall accident.”

A couple of excerpts from this article include:

A Chicago police officer is suing the park district for more than $3 million after a slip and fall incident at Ping Tom Park.


“He had suffered damages to wit (a) herniated disc and nerve damage in his back, and would have to undergo surgery,” the lawsuit states. “At the aforementioned time and place, the (park district) had a duty to all invitees, including Officer Matura, to remove snow and ice from their premises so as to prevent them from slipping and falling.”

Matura argues in his lawsuit that park district personnel knew the area was covered with snow and ice, and that people walking to the mobile study unit were at danger when walking on the premises.

He also claims that park district personnel knew that people entering the area could slip and fall if the snow and ice were not removed.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this lawsuit involving a herniated disc injury sustained in Ping Tom Park can be seen in the Cook County Record article mentioned above.

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