Herniated Disc Injuries – Getting A Correct Diagnosis

Recently, there has been a lawsuit filed over an alleged misdiagnosis regarding a herniated disc injury.  Details can be found in the January 20, 2014 Courthouse News Service article titled “Herniated Disc Woes Lobbed at Kaiser.”

Getting a correct diagnosis with regard to potential herniated disc injuries is of critical importance.  If one is in a vehicle accident, it is very important – for many reasons – that one gets a thorough and accurate medical assessment of any injuries sustained.  This is particularly important with potential herniated disc injuries, as herniated disc injuries may not be immediately apparent.

As seen as Step 5 in the “10 Steps You Should Follow After An Auto Accident” provided by Elman Joseph Law Group:

Get a medical check-up
We recommend that you and your passengers get a medical check-up following an automobile accident. Some injuries are not immediately apparent, and a physical performed by your physician or other qualified medical professional can check for injuries that went unnoticed right after the accident.

Herniated disc (also commonly referred to as a “slipped disk”) injuries can occur during car accidents and other vehicle accidents because sudden and extreme stress can be applied in an unnatural fashion on the spinal column during these crashes.

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