Illinois Lawsuit Alleges Herniated Disc Injury Resulted From Car Accident

As previously discussed in this site, herniated disc (also commonly referred to as Bulging disk, Compressed disk, Ruptured disk, and Slipped disk) injuries often occur during an automobile or vehicle accident. These herniated disc injuries occur during vehicle accidents because great stress can be put on the spinal column during these accidents.

These herniated disc injuries are often seen in car accidents in which one car gets “rear-ended” by another car.

An Illinois lawsuit involving an automobile accident is an example in which a motorist involved in an automobile accident suffered an alleged herniated disc injury.

The lawsuit is described in the Madison Record article of October 15, 2012, titled “Route 159 rear-end accident causes injuries, suit says.”

Two excerpts from the article:

A Belleville woman claims she suffered from a cervical herniated disc after a driver rear-ended her vehicle.


In her complaint, Shearrer alleges she drove north in the left lane of Illinois Route 159 near the intersection of Kadlec on Oct. 9, 2010, when Schwab, who was driving in the same direction, struck the back of Shearrer’s vehicle.

In addition to her herniated disc, Shearrer incurred medical costs and lost wages, according to the complaint.

Additional details regarding this Illinois lawsuit alleging a herniated disc injury can be found in the Madison Record article mentioned above.

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