Importance Of A Medical Check-Up After A Vehicle Accident

As previously mentioned in this site, if one is in a vehicle accident it is very important that one gets a thorough and accurate medical assessment of any injuries sustained.  This is particularly so with regard to any potential herniated disc injuries, as those who get herniated disc injuries may not realize these injuries as the symptoms may not immediately manifest.

Recently, there was a bicycle accident in Aurora, Illinois, which underscores the importance of getting a thorough medical check after being in any type of vehicle accident.  While the injuries sustained during this accident did not appear to involve a herniated disc injury, the severity of the injuries – apparent only after a few hours – underscores the time-critical nature of getting a timely, thorough medical examination.

The bicycle accident in Aurora is discussed in the July 18, 2014 Aurora Beacon-News article titled “Bicyclist realizes depth of injuries hours after Aurora crash.”  As seen in the article, the bicyclist initially thought he was okay after the accident, only to encounter problematical health symptoms a few hours after the accident, including difficulty breathing and vomiting blood.

An excerpt from the article:

He was taken to the emergency room at Presence Mercy Medical Center in Aurora, where it was determined he had bleeding on his brain as well as possible internal bleeding.

Doctors transferred Owens to Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove for surgery.

Additional details regarding the accident can be seen in the Aurora Beacon-News article mentioned above.

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