Lawsuit Filed Over Injuries Including Herniated Discs

As discussed on this site, herniated disc injuries can occur during vehicle accidents because great – and unnatural – stress can be put on the spinal column during these collisions.

A recent Illinois personal injury lawsuit filed over a July 18, 2015 car accident in Wilmette mentions herniated discs as an alleged injury stemming from the head-on collision.

James Schurr filed the lawsuit against Homer Askounis, 92, of Chicago.

According to the accident lawsuit, the collision occurred as Askounis was driving northbound on Skokie Road near Central Avenue in Wilmette.  At that time, Askounis drove into oncoming traffic, thus hitting Schurr’s car in a “head-on” collision.

The lawsuit alleges that Schurr, as a result of the accident, incurred “severe injuries” that has left him unable to work.

The alleged injuries incurred by Schurr are reported to include herniated discs.

The suit, filed recently in the Circuit Court of Cook County, accuses Askounis of “willful and wanton conduct” and said he “carelessly and negligently operated his vehicle in a dangerous and unreasonable manner.” The lawsuit also says Askounis “failed to exercise due care.” It seeks a judgment against Askounis in excess of $50,000 in compensatory damages and unspecified punitive damages.

Additional details and possible updates concerning this Circuit Court of Cook County lawsuit and the underlying accident can be seen in a variety of media sources, including the Wilmette Life article mentioned above, as well as the November 11 Wilmette-Kenilworth Patch article titled “High School Coach Sues 92-Year-Old Man After Head-On Car Accident.”

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