Bicycle Accident Injury Lawsuit Naming Herniated Discs

As discussed on this site, herniated disc (also referred to as slipped disc, ruptured disc, and bulging disc) injuries can occur during various types of vehicle accidents.  These slipped disc accidents can occur because during a motor vehicle accident, a great deal of physical stress can be put on the spinal column.  While many such injuries occur during car accidents, these disc injuries can occur during other accidents such as bicycle crashes and pedestrian accidents.

A bicycle accident that led to a lawsuit in Minnesota discusses various serious injuries that allegedly occurred due to a bicyclist being hit by a vehicle being driven by a St. Paul parks employee.  The alleged injuries include two herniated discs.

The accident and lawsuit is discussed in the February 21, 2018 article titled “St. Paul OKs $62K settlement for bicyclist hurt in Parks vehicle crash.”

An excerpt from the article, concerning the bicyclist’s (Trahern Crews) alleged injuries:

The crash left Crews with a softball-sized hernia welt poking out of his stomach, he said. He also sustained a concussion, injuries to his knees and leg, and has two herniated discs in his back, for which he will need surgery, according to Crews and his lawsuit.

As also seen in the article, according to the lawsuit Crews has been “severely and permanently injured” due to the accident.

Additional details concerning bicycle accidents as well as the specific crash highlighted can be seen in the sources mentioned above.

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