Chicago Herniated Disc Medical Resources

There are a variety of Chicago herniated disc (also commonly referred to as herniated diskruptured disc, and slipped discmedical resources.

As previously commented upon in this Chicago Herniated Disc Lawyer website, getting a prompt and correct diagnosis with regard to potential herniated disc injuries is of critical importance, both from a medical as well as a legal perspective.  If one is in a vehicle accident, it is very important – for many reasons – that one gets a thorough and accurate medical assessment to determine if any injuries occurred.  This is particularly important with potential herniated disc injuries, as herniated disc injuries and their symptoms may not be immediately apparent.

Northwestern Medicine Spine Center has a page concerning Herniated Disc.  On this page, herniated disc injuries are explained, including:  causes of herniated disc injuries; signs and symptoms; diagnosis and testing; and various treatments, including surgery.

The University of Chicago has a page for Lumbar Disc Disease (Herniated Disc).   On this page, one finds a diagram of the lumbar spine, and the page discusses a variety of topics with regard to lumbar disc disease – which it also refers to as herniated disc, ruptured disc and bulging disc – including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

Although not a Chicago-based institution, Cleveland Clinic also has a notable page devoted to herniated disc, which it also refers to as Ruptured Disk and Slipped Disk.  Among the information provided on this page includes a definition of herniated disc; as well as discussions of symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of herniated disc injuries.  Under the “causes” discussion, it explains that herniated discs result from “A sudden strain from improper lifting or from twisting violently.”

Additional details can be found on the above pages and their associated medical websites.

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